We’re headed to Cusco, Peru April 7-11, 2019, for an adventure you’ll be talking about for years to come. Join us in the land of ancient cities and renowned Inca ruins where we’ll take an excursion to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu. During this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we will explore jaw-dropping views while fully immersing ourselves in local culture. Each day will be jam-packed with memorable excursions and learning opportunities. This trip is one for your bucket list – you won’t want to miss out!



SEPT. 3-DEC. 2, 2018

*Subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of the promotion and verification by Isagenix.


Earn your way to Peru by being a top 50 global START business by fulfilling the requirements below and earning the most points to qualify. YOU HAVE JUST UNDER 90 DAYS! START EARNING POINTS TODAY!

STEP 1: Be a member of the START community (18-35 years old).†
STEP 2: Meet the minimum recognition rank of 3-Star Golden Circle (START 1000).
STEP 3: Achieve Paid-As Executive for a minimum of one week.
STEP 4: Be a top 50 point earner by enrolling new Customers and developing Personally Enrolled Associates. [All points accrued during the qualification period will count toward your final points for the promotion – as long as you achieve the minimum qualifications (Steps 1-3) at some point during the qualification period (Sept. 3–Dec. 2, 2018)].

1 point = for each new Personally Enrolled Customer with an initial product purchase of 100-149 BV.
2 points = for each new Personally Enrolled Customer with an initial product purchase of 150-199 BV.
3 points = for each new Personally Enrolled Customer with an initial product purchase of 200+ BV.
5 points = for developing a new Personally Enrolled first-time Consultant.
10 points = for developing a new Personally Enrolled first-time Manager.
15 points = for developing a new Personally Enrolled first-time Director.
20 points = for developing a new Personally Enrolled first-time Executive.

The top 50 point-earning businesses who meet the minimum qualifications will make it to Peru! Check your
points each week on the START Leadership Retreat leaderboards at An
email will be sent to START members each week notifying them of how many points they have earned!

*Subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of the promotion and verification by Isagenix.
†Must be a Member for at least one day during the qualification period (Sept. 3, 2018–Dec. 2, 2018).
‡Isagenix may in its discretion offer incentives or promotions during the qualification period that may increase the number of points an Associate can earn.
Points are awarded only to the qualified Associate who earned the points. Points may not be transferred, gifted, or sold to any other person or business.

Official Leaderboard For Start 1000


As a 3-Star Golden Circle who has achieved Paid-As Executive for a minimum of one week, you’re earning points on our official START 1000 Leadership towards the retreat. Keep crushing it. You’re one week closer to earning the trip of a lifetime!
(The top 50 Business that have earned the most points by December 2, 2018 will earn their spot on the trip to Peru)


Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who participated!

1. Claudia Tomczyk
2. Maricarmen Armijo & Agustin Parada
3. Lara & Brycey
4. Cameron Biafore
5. Morgan Nelson
6. Dra. Brenda Gabilondo
7. Gabrielle Deane
8. Amanda Fraser-Jones
9. Tanis Heron
10. Jess & Eric Koehler
11. Rachel Pedretti
12. Erin Sherman

13. Wally & Meaghan Kamfolt
14. Lloyd and Alisha
15. Karla Espíndola
16. Feline Teh
17. James & Audrye McLeod
18. Melissa & Kieran
19. Chelsea & Lane Taylor
20. Natalia & Jay Mulieri
21. Elle and Sam Martinette
22. Anna & Morgan Richards
23. Melissa Langsford
24. Chandra Briault

25. Laura and John Stevens
26. Brendan de Salis & Dominique Macdonald
27. Abby & Dylan O’Neil
28. Jared + Sharaya Maples
29. Jackson & Kayla Baum
30. Heather & Jon Godfrey
31. Rhys Drake
32. Lindsay and Cory Hoffbuhr
33. Ashley and Daaron Mathews
34. Zac Deane
35. Carly Hewitt and Steve Pater
36. Chelsie Waite

37. Amy Otis
38. Jackson Parr
39. Sam Anderton & Hannah McRae
40. Adam Nesbitt & Bianca Bathurst
41. Tom & Ash Walden
42. Mackenzie and John Arball
43. Andy & Danielle Nicoll
44. Samantha LaCouture
45. Gillian & Pete Antinore
47. Lauren Simms
48. Chelsea Lauren
49. Tyler Walter
50. Ali & Josh Gray

START Leadership Retreat Training Call Series

Keep up with the training call series to help you make your way into the top 50!


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September 10

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September 24

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October 8

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October 22

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November 12

Driving Results

November 26


All points earned within the promotion time frame will count toward your total score, no matter what date within the promotion period, as soon as you reach the minimum qualifying rank of 3-Star Golden Circle, and maintain Paid-As Executive status for at least one week. Once both of these minimum requirements are achieved, you become eligible to compete to earn a spot as one of the top 50 point-earning businesses and appear on the Official START 1000 Leaderboard.

Spouses who have separate accounts will not be allowed to combine points.

This promotion is available to START members in all Isagenix markets officially open by Isagenix by the start date of the promotion (Sept. 3, 2018), unless prohibited or restricted by law.

Yes! The rank advancement points do not have to be earned with newly enrolled Members since Sept. 3, 2018. If it is a first-time rank advancement for anyone you’ve personally enrolled, his or her rank advancement would count for points!

No points are earned for Golden Circle or Silver Circle advancements.

No additional points will be earned for personal rank advancements. Points are earned as your Personally Enrolled Members rank advance.

Any Personally Enrolled Customers and personally enrolled rank advancements, regardless of age, will count for points if they are within the qualification period and follow the promotion-point structure outlined above.


The qualification period begins at 12 a.m. (U.S. Eastern time) Sept. 3, 2018, and ends at 11:59 p.m. (U.S. Eastern time) Dec. 2, 2018. All dates are based on the Isagenix 4-4-5 commission calendar. Final evaluation of points and qualifiers for the Retreat will not be determined until on or around Dec. 17, 2018, to ensure that each potential winner’s qualifications do not change, including due to any deduction of points, whether due to returned product or otherwise.

Promotion winners must maintain active Isagenix Independent Associate status and be in good standing with Isagenix at the time of the Retreat to attend and to receive any incentives, i.e., airfare, hotel accommodations, etc. Winners who do not maintain active status or are not in good standing forfeit and waive all points, rights, incentives, and awards under this promotion. Winners may not receive the cash value or alternate accommodations or awards in lieu of receiving the earned awards/incentives. The monetary value of awards such as travel and accommodations may be reported as taxable income. Awards are nontransferable and will not have a cash equivalent. Except where prohibited, winners may be required to sign and return to Isagenix, and cause their guests, if any, to sign and return to Isagenix, an affidavit of eligibility and liability/publicity release in order to receive and/or participate in the Retreat. Failure to return such affidavit or release within a reasonable time, as designated by Isagenix, will result in disqualification and forfeiture of all points, rights, incentives, and awards. Promotion is subject to all federal, state, provincial, and local laws and regulations applicable in the jurisdiction in which a participating Associate resides. If laws in any applicable jurisdiction would require modifications to the promotion that would subvert the intent or spirit of the promotion or create a material advantage or disadvantage to the Associates residing in such jurisdiction, the promotion may be withdrawn and nullified in such locations. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Additional rules and obligations may apply.

Any amount not applied toward airfare will not be paid out in any form. Promotion winners must have a valid passport and are responsible for their own visa or ESTA.*

Isagenix reserves the right to audit, adjust, or deny any volume, compensation, recognition, points, and/or incentives awarded during or as a result of this promotion to ensure the spirit of the promotion is achieved and that participants are adhering to Isagenix Associate Policies and Procedures. Qualifications are subject to change by Isagenix at any time without prior notice. Isagenix may cancel or modify the promotion for any reason, including for fraud or technical failures that may affect the integrity of the promotion as determined by Isagenix. Any person who attempts to manipulate the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan or the promotion, or who otherwise attempts to circumvent the rules, forfeits any and all rights to receive any points, awards and incentives and will be disqualified from the promotion and participation in the Retreat. Any dispute concerning qualifications and points will not be considered until after the qualification period ends. If you have a bona fide dispute, you may send an email to that explains the dispute and your proposed resolution along with supporting facts and documents. In the meantime, and regardless of your concerns, you are encouraged to continue pursuing qualification and earning points as if your requested resolution and/or adjustment to points will not be granted. All Members are subject to standard compliance reviews both during and after the close of the promotion; awards and incentives may be withdrawn by Isagenix at any time. Outstanding compliance matters may affect eligibility. Points may be rescinded if, among other reasons described in these terms and conditions, Personally Enrolled Customers/Members cancel their membership accounts or return products for which points were awarded in the promotion. Points may not be transferred, assigned, gifted, or sold to any other person or business.

• Economy airfare for promotion winners, reimbursed up to US$1,500 per business.*
• Four nights’ lodging for each winner. (Hotel and room will be selected by Isagenix.)

• Select meals, food, and beverages. (As provided by Isagenix during the Retreat.)
• Ground transportation to/from the hotel and events in Peru.

• Travel arrangements for his/herself and guest, if any, including selecting and booking times and dates of flights, ground transportation to/from your local airport, parking, etc.
• All incidentals, upgrades, and all other expenses, fees, and costs, including any airfare exceeding the allotted amount.

All expenses, fees, and costs associated with the acceptance or attending the Retreat that are not specifically mentioned herein are the sole responsibility of winner and/or winner’s guest. Such expenses may include, but are not limited to, all federal, state, provincial, territorial, municipal, local, or other government or quasi-governmental taxes and fees, travel insurance, air and ground transportation, and items of a personal nature (i.e., passport fees, gratuities, entertainment, service fees, food and beverage, entertainment, medical services, etc.). Winners and guests are responsible for all travel documents (such as, but not limited to a passport and/or visa) required for international travel. Attendance of any guests is at the winner’s sole cost and expense and is subject to the approval of Isagenix. If a winner intends to have a guest accompany her/him on the Retreat, the guest must be at least 18 years of age at the time of travel. In addition, the winner must inform Isagenix that s/he intends to bring a guest within 20 days after the winner has been notified they have qualified for the Retreat. Notification must include the guest’s name, date of birth, mailing address, email address, telephone number, and country of citizenship; and indicate whether the guest is an Isagenix Associate or Customer. A valid tax identification number and other information needed for participation and travel may also be required. (If the guest is an Isagenix Associate, the guest must be in good standing with Isagenix at the time of the Retreat to participate, even if approval was previously given.) Notification may be made by sending an email to STARTYourLife@ or by other means requested by Isagenix. Winners are responsible for the actions of their respective guests. Guests must comply at all times with any rules, terms, and conditions as required by Isagenix. Isagenix may deny entry to and may remove any person from the Retreat for any reason, including inappropriate or wrongful behavior. Other restrictions and conditions may apply. No refund or compensation will be made in the event of denying a guest, the cancellation or delay of the Retreat, any flights, or other travel arrangements. Isagenix is not responsible if the Retreat is canceled or moved to a different date due to travel cancellations, delays or interruptions due to force majeure events such as acts of war, acts of terrorism or violence, strikes, natural disasters, and adverse weather conditions. Unless expressly stated otherwise by Isagenix in writing, rewards may not be combined with any other challenge, promotion, reward, incentive, contest, or similar offer.

For Associates with more than one Isagenix Associate Business Center, all activity that occurs from their various Business Centers will be aggregated and reflected in the Primary Business Center for purposes of determining points and other qualifications. Only primary Isagenix Associate Business Centers are eligible to win and receive the rewards; Isagenix Associate Business Centers outside of the primary are not eligible to win or receive the rewards.

Isagenix has the right to administer this promotion and the Retreat in any manner it deems appropriate. Any decision by Isagenix, including eligibility and determination of points and winners, shall be final and binding. Isagenix may cancel or modify the promotion for any reason, including for fraud or technical failures that may affect the integrity of the promotion as determined by Isagenix. In the event of a tie, the Associate with the most Personally Enrolled Consultants during the contest period will be awarded the prize. In the event of a second tie, Isagenix will determine a tiebreaking mechanism.