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Young Families

why I said yes – Bailey Bergman Kirkpatrick

Bailey saw amazing results using the Isagenix products as a college athlete. After she graduated she was tired of working crazy hours as a fulltime wedding planner and nanny, and working a retail job [...]

why I said yes – Cameron & Katelyn Geggatt

Cameron, who works on aircrafts in the Coast Guard, and Katelyn, who homeschools their five children, are young parents whose dreams were reignited with the possibilities they have with Isagenix. See where they are [...]

why I said yes – Cheurice Prince

Cheurice, a busy teacher and married mom of 3, knew she needed a healthy change and thought Isagenix products would be just that. She lost 60 pounds and finally started feeling like she was [...]


why I said yes – Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson, a former artistic figure skater, was tired, overweight and emotionally and physically exhausted. Stephanie was always seeking more, but initially said "no" to Isagenix for six years before joining. Since saying "yes" [...]

why I said yes – Corrine Bean

Corrine was a tired, lost athlete in the gym without a good understand of proper nutrition. Intrigued by the fun she saw in the START community, she decided to give Isagenix a try. Along [...]

why I said yes – Lisanne Van Sonsbeek

Lisanne thought she knew everything she could about health and nutrition, until she was introduced to Isagenix and the START your life movement. Skeptical at first, Lisanne ended up jumping in and couldn't stop [...]

why I said yes – Sage Miller

At 21, Sage Miller thought she had landed her dream job. After a few months, she soon realized that the job left her wanting more. After falling in love with the products, she began [...]


Why I Said Yes: Lara Eastwood

Lara is a nurse working long hours taking care of patients in the hospital. She said "yes" to Isagenix because she wanted an extra opportunity to make additional income while currently working her current job.

why I said yes – Marjolaine Rose Millette

Before Isagenix, Marjolaine had the motto of "I'll start Monday". When she was introduced to the products and the START community, she finally realized what it was like to light up from the inside. [...]

why I said yes – Anna Richards

Anna tried every health trick in the book, but never knew what she was missing out on until she found Isagenix. Watch to hear how Anna learned about the START Your Life vision and [...]

Why I Said Yes – Kassy Sunshine

Kassy came to Isagenix for the products after struggling with diets for years and feeling physically exhausted. Being 26 years old and having recently graduated with her Masters Degree, she found herself unfulfilled and not [...]


why I said yes – Annie Mayfield

As a training, high school athlete, Annie struggled to fuel her body with the right nutrition until her mindset changed with the help of Isagenix. Now as a college student, with the healthy changes [...]

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