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A new START 1000, and the 4th place winner of the START Leadership Retreat, Cameron Biafore is a force to be reckoned with. We reached out to her to find out how she has been able to find success while growing her Isagenix business.

How did you get started with Isagenix? 

I was introduced to Isagenix when I moved to Australia back in 2015. It took me 2 1/2 years to finally say yes in 2017, and I’m so glad I did.

My life changed course when I realized my student loan wouldn’t fund my last year of college. After my 9-to-5 internship ended and my friends graduated, I went traveling to find my purpose, and Isagenix fell into my lap. It really was fate because I met my best friends in the START community on day one abroad. They cast me a vision, and the rest is history!

What type of freedom has Isagenix allowed you to create?

When I finally decided to commit to Isagenix, it was the week before going on my visa run to Thailand. Just like any irresponsible 23-year-old, I spent all my money partying in Thailand, expecting to return to Australia, go back to work, and get paid at the end of the week. Long story short, I was stopped at immigration and found out I overstayed the last visa I had. After 12 hours of interrogation, they deported me on the spot. I lost everything to my name and couldn’t say bye to my friends. To make matters worse, I only had $70 in my bank account with no financial support from my family. In my head, I was about to be homeless and stranded in Asia!

Luckily, this was a Monday. I’ll never forget scrolling through my emails and receiving my first IsaWallet® email congratulating me for earning $1,300 in my first week as an Associate.** It was my safety net! This was my lightbulb moment, and from that point forward, I dedicated my whole heart to building this business.

Fast forward through all the mess, and after about five months, I was able to save up enough money to move down to Mexico for a bit with my boyfriend and begin working remotely. Since then, I’ve been able to travel the world again and get paid while doing it. Isagenix has allowed me to create my ideal lifestyle on my own terms. It allows me to dream out loud on a daily basis while showing others they can do the same.

How did you find success?

Daily consistent action. I keep it super simple. If you are where I want to be, I study what you do, and I do it too. The most important thing is to release the ego and open yourself to learning.

What is one key thing that you have had to learn to grow your business?

Drive your lines! I used to be a sponsor monster and would get so frustrated about my Cycles not growing. When I began leading from the top down and helping my team attract prospective new Customers and rank advance, my Cycles increased tenfold.

How did you achieve START 1000?

First, I wrote a vision in script form and read it to myself every day as if I had already achieved my goal. I believed in myself no matter what and took consistent daily action toward the bar I had set for myself. Through repetition and reading books on leadership, I gained some of the skills I needed to successfully run a business. I was coachable and receptive to new ideas and stretched myself past my comfort zone whenever I got the chance.

Most importantly, I showed up even if I didn’t want to. I found that you must act as if you already hold the rank you aspire to, and then it will manifest. I asked myself every day, “What would 3-Star me do in this situation?”

What does it mean to be a part of the START community?

It means being a part of something life-changing. There is something incredibly special about joining a community that has a similar vision as you with goals to be bigger and help the world on a large scale. I think it’s very powerful when positive, uplifting, supportive, and bright people come together, and you will totally find that in START.

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