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At Global Celebration 2018, new START 1000 member Heather Richmond shared a glimpse of her Isagenix story onstage to a crowd of 14,000 people. We reached out to Heather to dive deeper into her past and discover how she has managed to find success while building her business.

How did you get started with Isagenix? What was your life like before Isagenix?

Before Isagenix, I was a financial analyst in corporate America who was compensated extremely well and loved the company I worked for. But, every day, I was met with an uneasy feeling because I was unfulfilled and lacked a long-term purpose. At 29 years old, moving up the corporate chain only meant more hours working and less time for family and travel. I was searching for more time, freedom, leadership opportunity, and flexibility and knew there had to be more to life. One day, my friend from the age of 5, Todd Siddons, introduced me to network marketing and Isagenix.

It was so foreign to me; when I finally understood what it was, I felt confused as to how I studied business for four years in college and not once did someone talk about the opportunity of network marketing! While it was very exciting to discover this opportunity, I was BEYOND scared to say yes. I was shy, quiet, and unconfident. I also feared what people would think about me because I came from a corporate background and had a business degree.

It took courage to fight past those fears, but I knew if I didn’t make a change, I would end up regretting it. So, in October of 2014, I placed my first order to try out the products. After having the most incredible health transformation, I said to myself, “It’s go time.” I plugged into the team and followed those before me who were successful.

My brothers were my very first customers because they love me and want to support me, for which I’m forever grateful to them – they gave me the courage to keep going.

What type of freedom has Isagenix allowed you to create? 

Committed to the process and hard work, I built Isagenix in the tiniest pockets of my time while still being a full-time employee. Eventually, I built up the income to retire myself from corporate America.* Now, I set my schedule, determine my days off, and ensure my days are inspired while I follow what excites me in the moment.

Isagenix has also allowed me to travel all over the world while continuing to work my business. This summer, my husband took a three-month sabbatical from work, and we traveled to five countries and 11 U.S. states. I even experienced my biggest sales month ever while I was traveling.*

In addition, I have paid off my student loan debt years before it was due!* I cried when I accomplished this, because it had always been a heavy weight on my shoulders where I had made many sacrifices to afford the payments every month.

Because we reside in San Diego and my family is all on the east coast, I’m also now able to travel to see them whenever I choose. No more being forced to spend holidays without family and no more missed milestones for our eight nieces and nephews (with a ninth on the way). I get to be the best aunt ever, which fills my heart with more joy than anything I’ve ever experienced.

How did you find success?

1) I followed successful leaders and linked arms with other runners. There’s so much opportunity for success in Isagenix that it’s simple to find people willing to share their systems and how they’ve achieved what you’re looking to do. I plugged into our team’s systems befriended others looking to achieve the same goals that I was. My team was all on the east coast and I’m in California, so I found other people who were not at all financially linked and held events and created vision boards with them. I had no ego about it.

2) I read Eric Worre’s “Go Pro” and took it to heart when he advises to take full responsibility for your own success. So, I wasn’t paralyzed in excuses that stop many others before they even get started.

3) I knew that I would have to dedicate energy to growing myself as I grew my business because I had a lot of fears holding me back, so I went to leadership courses, attended every Isagenix event I could, listened to podcasts, read books, and hired coaches.* While my support team is beyond amazing, I never relied on them to create my success!

4) I held on closely to my “why” and let it fuel me even when it wasn’t easy.

What is one key thing that you have had to learn to grow your business?

How to be a stand for what other people want in their life. We get to contribute to others who are out there searching and hoping for what we have – I was one of those people. Just like me, they have fears and excuses holding them back from what they truly want. I learned how to ask questions and listen for what matters to them and what they want to achieve. In tandem, I learned to not be afraid to call them out on it when they’re letting their fears or something else get in the way of what they desire.

I also had to learn to be resilient, and that when people said no or didn’t support me, it had absolutely nothing to do with me.

How did you achieve START 1000?

I wrote it all over my office to visualize it happening. Then I got myself out of my office and met people out in the world and connected with them. I went to networking events, grabbed business cards off of cork boards in local businesses, spoke to people I’d meet while traveling, used apps that specialize in business connections, and asked my warm network to take a look.  My mindset was to focus my attention on all the good things happening in my business and continue to grow myself and learn from the opportunities I had.

It was also crucial for me to link arms with others on our team who were looking to achieve the same. Another START 1000 member, Missy Bruggeman, was my accountability partner, and we would connect with each other almost every day to check in on our mindset and goals and help each other have the breakthrough we needed to keep going. I couldn’t have done it without a strong community of people behind me.

What does it mean to be a part of the START community?

Being a part of the START community means being a part of a movement spreading freedom throughout the world. I love that we work together as a team, share with each other, and support one another regardless of where we are on this planet or within our business; it’s truly a vessel filled with collaboration and growth. Helping other young people and showing them there’s a better way truly excites me.

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