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Tiffany Desjardins

“I gained a lot of weight while pregnant with my daughter and stopped going to the gym. Then once she was born, I encountered many obstacles and would stress eat to cope. I became that mama who didn’t want to take pictures, until one day I decided that is no life to live. I was missing out on precious memories because of how poorly I felt inside and out.
“I decided to make a change for myself and my family. I got back into the gym and committed myself to two shakes a day and eating healthy. After my nursing journey ended, I started my 30-Day System and never looked back. Suddenly, I was a young mom full of energy and crushing personal goals.
“These days, I am still committed to following the 30-Day System and incorporate my favorite AMPED products into my gym routine. I reach new personal goals each month. Now, I am that mama who is proud to take pictures with her daughter. I am officially rocking the #IsaGlow, and I will be forever grateful for Isagenix!”

Amazing job, Tiffany ! Your hard work and dedication shines in your results!

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